Occupational safety and health

The nature of work in the pharmaceutical industry calls for high level of occupational health and safety protection, which is one of priorities and prerequisites for the Company’s success. GALENIKA AD BEOGRAD tends to follow, develop, and implement contemporary approaches in creating safe work conditions. Special attention is given to creating and developing a culture of healthy and safe work environment, which involves all employees in the process and develops responsibility in every single one of them.

Health, preservation of work performance, and safe working conditions are integrated into all business processes.

In order to ensure occupational safety and health, we determine and implement preventive activities. These relate to implementation of technical, ergonomic, healthcare, education, social, organization, and other actions and means for eliminating the risk of employee injury.

We carry out the review and improvement activities related to occupational health and safety protection management system in accordance with the guidelines of the relevant international standards, by meeting legal requirements, and by following occupational health and safety recommendations of the European and global organizations as well as the Good Manufacturing Practice standard.

We take preventive and control actions for eliminating, i.e. reducing the risks of identified hazards and harms that can lead to occupational injury, occupational diseases, and work-related conditions.

We constantly

Organize external and internal training of employees for performance of manufacturing and other processes.

Test working conditions, inspect and test personal equipment and personal protective devices and equipment.

Purchase work clothing and personal protective equipment for the employees.

Cooperate with the Occupational Medicine Service (through health examinations and participation in preparation of the RAA).

Organize periodical medical examinations of the employees at the workplaces with a higher degree of risk.

Organizing First Aid trainings of our employees.