Work environment

We want to stress positive and stimulating environment as one of the key factors in the company’s successful operation. By nurturing equality, diversity, and team spirit, we try to create a pleasant work atmosphere for all our employees. We stimulate the environment that is favourable for personal and professional development, for achieving goals and for recognizing standpoints that comply with our values. Thus, we promote health and quality of life, and we care for people.

Employee education

Care for employees and for their motivation as well as improvement and development of their careers create the base for the progress of both individuals and the company. Our ambition is to build a long-term relationship of trust that would encourage our employees to express their respective qualities and keep developing their skills. Through professional and continuous education, Human Resources provides a wide range of development opportunities for our employees. The focus lies on improvement of knowledge, skills, abilities, and professional performance of employees, and, consequently, of operation of the entire company.


Job opportunities

You can apply to all open job positions by  sending your CV and recommendation letter to [email protected]

We will carefully consider your job application and shortlist you as our potential employee.