As a business entity with a long business tradition, whose main goal involves responsible operation in both financial and social aspects, GALENIKA AD BEOGRAD has, for many years, successfully implemented adequate environmental protection measures and achieved goals which comply with the strict ISO 14001 requirements.

The company’s intention is to maintain the already achieved highest level of environmental protection primarily through preventive action: by minimizing waste generation and by constantly improving its waste management system. GALENIKA AD BEOGRAD continuously maintains its positive image by making the wealth of information available to general public, aiming at including the citizens in the decision-making process on the issues that are relevant for maintaining the quality of their health.

Another way through which GALENIKA AD BEOGRAD shows its dedication to improvement of health and standard of living involves different projects in the field of environmental protection, which it realizes either on its own or in cooperation with experienced partners. GALENIKA AD BEOGRAD supports various social initiatives aiming at improvement of citizens’ health and quality of life as well as at environment preservation through implementation of numerous projects and healthy lifestyle promotion.