The festive atmosphere, gastronomic specialties of every market in which we operate, laughing and dancing are just some of the impressive segments of our company celebration.

On Friday, December 10, we marked the end of the business year in an unusual atmosphere – we organized a New Year’s market for Galenika employees. In the houses decorated typical for this celebration, in addition to classic specialties such as mulled wine and brandy, tea, holiday candies and liquorice heart, Galenika employees could try the specialties of the market in which we operate: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Hungary, as well as great savory and sweet specialties from Brazil.

The festive atmosphere was enriched by street entertainers – jugglers, pantomimists, animators, and the performance with fire balls and stilts was especially noticed, all followed with a good music performance.

We look forward to new opportunities and successes, in an effort to fulfill our vision to be a market leader, devoted to people and dedicated to health.

Happy New Year!

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