Growth of Galenika and internationalization of business

Belgrade, March 29, 2023 – Since becoming part of the brasilian NC Group, Galenika has marked significant business growth and international expansion. In the period from 2018 to the end of 2022, Galenika doubled the volume of sales and exports, increased production by 22%, expanded the portfolio and registered as many as 146 products. With the support of the NC Group, and in partnership with EMS, the largest pharmaceutical company in Brazil, Galenika realized the transfer of technology for five generic medicines of the latest generation. In the following period, further investments in the amount of 35 million euros are planned in Serbia.

The company also achieved notable results in 2022 compared to 2021. The level of sales in Serbia increased by 21%, exports to regional markets by 26%, while exports to the international markets where it operates increased by 35%. For the same period, production growth increased by 6%, while in 2022 a total of 95 products were launched on the Serbian, regional and international markets, which further increased the availability of quality, efficient and modern products to consumers. After opening the first representative office in the European Union, in Hungary, Galenika opened representative offices in Slovenia and Croatia in 2022. It exports to regional markets, as well as to 15 international markets in the European Union, the Middle East and Africa.

„Today, Galenika has 30 brands in leading positions in their categories in terms of market share in Serbia. We achieve constant growth on the Serbian market and in the region. Since operating within the NC Group, the company has doubled its sales and export levels and achieved great success in internationalization through a notable presence in international markets, thanks to the high quality of its products. In 2023, we plan to launch first products on the markets of Slovenia and Croatia, as well as further expansion on international markets. What is particularly significant is that over the next two years, in partnership with our sister company from Brazil – EMS, we plan to invest 35 million euros. Investments are aimed at further development in technology, production and warehouse capacities, all in accordance with business plans. In addition, by investing in further digitization of business, we plan to achieve an even greater degree of business efficiency,’’ said Nenad Burazor, sales manager at Galenika.

As part of its digital transformation, Galenika introduced the most advanced planning software that enables increased efficiency in materials management, production planning and business flexibility in the supply chain, which is of great importance in these global circumstances.

In the field of innovation and education, during 2022, the company implemented training for 8,000 pharmacists through its own program “Galenika Academy”, developed the “Galiverse” educational online application for communication with pharmacists, and launched the Galenika Medical Journal – the first professional quarterly magazine in the native language for doctors. In 2022, Galenika organized 119 professional medical events for over 3,400 healthcare workers from Serbia, as well as realized donations of medical equipment for 17 healthcare institutions as well as donations of medicines for 105 healthcare institutions in Serbia.

Support for the community and care for the environment remain high on the priority list, while the company is expanding its socially responsible projects and initiatives to the countries of the region where it operates from this year.

On its sustainable business path, Galenika has launched a series of projects that influence the reduction of consumption of natural resources. In 2022, a 38% reduction in waste was achieved, compared to 2021. A 25% reduction in CO2 emissions was achieved, both in business and in the Nova Galenika settlement. The company is the holder of the ISO 14001:2015 certificate, which confirms compliance with the highest standards in the field of environmental protection.

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