What color is your Panthenol?

Belgrade, June 8, 2020 – Panthenol products now have a new, modernized visual identity. The packaging design with characteristic cheerful colors is accompanied by a new slogan. “What color is your Panthenol?” – is a question that is answered depending on the needs, because the new colors present the benefits of the products – sensuality and tenderness, intensity, freshness and luxury.

Recipes for favorite Panthenol products – cream, ointment, solution and oriblets with vitamin C, remain unchanged and equally effective. Attractive and updated design complements the effects of the product and emphasizes the importance of using various Panthenol products with vitamin B5 for skin and hair care.

The new packaging design was announced in May, with an innovative home concert by Marija Šerifović, which marked Galenika’s 60th birthday at the Panthenol https://www.facebook.com/officialmarija/videos/553807152186001/

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