GALIX mobile app for improvement of a healthy lifestyle

Belgrade, March 16, 2022 – Galenika has launched the free mobile application Galix, which aims to support the strengthening of healthy habits of users. The Galix app provides real-time, real-time information and tracking of key parameters useful to the daily organization in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The functionalities of the application include daily information on environmental and health conditions in the user’s environment, anywhere in Serbia, such as air quality, allergen levels, UV radiation index, green zones in the area. Galix also provides users with daily, practical advice for improving their own environment, and is a digital planner for a healthy lifestyle since it allows data entry and reminders of routines and obligations relating to a healthy lifestyle of an individual or family (therapies, doctor’s appointments and other tasks). This is why Galix is ​​a reliable and efficient ally in caring for the quality of healthy lifestyle of users and family members.

Galix is ​​the first application in our country that, in the Serbian language and in one place, provides users with an instant insight into the environmental and health conditions in their environment throughout Serbia, which affect a healthy lifestyle. The functionality of the application includes the following information and features:

Air pollution: information based on the measured values ​​of the nearest measuring station in relation to the location where the user is located. It contains the five most important indicators that indicate air quality, as well as information on how the current level of pollution can affect the health of different groups of users.

Allergen level: information from the nearest measuring station on the presence of allergens in the air caused by blooming flowers, grass or weeds, which can help users determine whether to carry an antiallergic drug and determine if they want to move in zones where the allergen concentration is high.

UV radiation Index: information from the nearest measuring station in relation to the location where the user is located.

Green zones: display of areas or parts of the city where there are measuring stations, where the level of pollution is measured, that is air quality.

Tip of the day – practical information useful for improving your own environment in the context of reducing potentially negative effects on a healthy lifestyle.

Galix application is also a digital reminder for personal daily organization and, if necessary, for caring for the family members. It is possible, on a daily basis, to plan and schedule notifications about important daily health and personal organizational obligations, such as appointments to doctors, reminders for intake of therapy, medications and supplements, and the like. The health reminder, in addition to being intended for the user himself, can also be used for family members.

The application is intended for those who strive for a healthy lifestyle, and can be useful to everyone – from working people, pregnant women and mothers, athletes, students or people with chronic diseases or regular therapies.

Improving a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever, and the Galix app helps us strengthen healthy living habits, increase resilience to challenging and stressful situations, better plan our time and take care of the quality of our lives and the lives of our family members.

Galix – a healthy lifestyle is essential. You can do more!

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