Galenika’s video: United in the Struggle for what’s Most Important to Everyone

Belgrade, May 11, 2020 – At a time of global pandemic, Galenika is, more intensively than ever, committed to its most important task – preserving human health. “Our help for all our people” is a message highlighted in the foreground of the Galenika’s video, which symbolically represents the joint efforts of our employees, showing how committed and serious we approached the mission of caring for what is most precious for everyone, because we have been guardians of health for 75 years. You can see the contents of the video by clicking on this LINK.

During the pandemic of COVID 19, the key goal of Galenika was to ensure continuity in the production and supply of medicines in the required quantities, for all patients and medical institutions.

And when the drug Hydroxychloroquine became the hope of the whole world, through united efforts of Galenika and its sister company EMS from Brazil which provided the transfer of the production technology for the production of this drug, we managed to provide additional security to the citizens of Serbia.

In addition to solidarity, this is also a significant example of the strategic partnership between Galenika and EMS, in which technological transfer plays an important role, both now and in the future.

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