Galenika Marks 77th Business Jubilee with Growth in Regional Markets and further Business Internationalization

Belgrade, July 26, 2022 – In the first six months of 2022, Galenika, which is part of the Brazilian NC Group, recorded a significant expansion of its product portfolio, growth in regional markets and further modernization of operations. This July the company has marked 77 years of business operations and leadership in pharmaceutical industry. In the Serbian market, Galenika achieved a 12 percent increase in sales compared to the same period in last year, while in the markets of the region where Galenika operates (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania), sales increased by for 29 percent.

In Serbia and the region, 10 new products were registered this year, while 29 were put on the market, while by the end of the year, another 36 products are planned to be launched. This confirms an ongoing trend of product portfolio expansion.

Galenika successfully operates on 15 international markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In 2022 6 products have been registered on the EU market, where the first export of dietary supplements was achieved, while offices were opened in Croatia and Slovenia.

The company continues its successful path in the field of digitization of business. At the this year`s SAP competition, Galenika received special recognition as one of the top 3 companies in quality implementation in the EMEA region. In addition, a new project was launched to implement software for detailed production planning and predictive management of resources and materials (Material and Resource Planning), which will additionally improve the efficiency of the entire supply process, especially in the field of production efficiency and inventory management.

In the year when it marks its 77th anniversary, Galenika records steady growth in the Serbian market, in the region and the international markets where we operate. Our products are available on three continents due to their quality and relevancy for consumers, as well as our good business practice. In the coming period, our focus is to maintain the quality, ensure targeted portfolio growth and further position our products in the markets of CEE and the MENA region.” said Ricardo Vian Marques, general Manager of Galenika.

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